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Main Points You Need to Know about Fiberglass and Vinyl Materials

1. Strength: Fiberglass is definitely stronger than vinyl and has significantly less chances of warping.

2. Possibility of color change: Vinyl windows come in a fixed color that cannot be changed over the time; fiberglass units can be repainted as many times as you need.

3. Eco-Friendliness: According to statistics, fiberglass units are much greener than vinyl. Fiberglass is made of about 60% glass, which is a recycled material. However, it does not mean that at this point in the comparison vinyl vs. fiberglass the former loses. No, fiberglass is greener, but vinyl is also a very Eco-friendly material.

4. Look: Fiberglass units, both windows and doors, definitely look better, simply because they are more similar to wood. But if you are looking for a moder design, vinyl is your best friend!

5. Cost: Vinyl pieces always cost much less. Most frequently you will pay 15%-30% more for fiberglass units than for vinyl.